A patient's care team relies on means of communication that exist outside of the the Electronic Health Management Platform which is an electronic health record for the patient. This way of communication results in loss of context around a given patient. It was clear we needed to incorporate a way for care teams to communicate with regards to caring for their mutual patients.
Conducted expert interviews with physicians and nurse practitioners to get an understanding of how they communicated with one another about the patients they provide care for. We found that they relied heavily on hand written notes, face-to-face communication and text messaging for urgent communication. Face-to-face communication was not easily obtainable because of busy schedules varying locations of team members.
The planning stage consisted of synthesizing our research findings and incorporating them into user flows to help map out how we may implement a communication feature within EHMP.
Next wireframes were created and organized into user flows to focus on the feature at hand and minimize complexity. Weekly elicitation meetings with the users and subject matter experts allowed us to capture and include various details that went into our communication feature.
The communication feature we implemented within EHMP received positive feedback within the care team community. The feature allows physicians and nurses to have greater communication with regards to their patients which helps save lives.
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