Through Chameleon Collective, Nth Party approached me to create the user interface for their new platform. This would require a new user experience that combined a few of their separate web apps into one platform. Nth Party’s software solutions are geared towards big data in order to perform analyses over encrypted data without decrypting it, helping them reduce costs and risks while adding to topline opportunities.
Task Flow: I first needed to understand the existing UX to determine where how all the pieces should come together. To do so, I began mapping out a task flow and worked closely with the Nth Party team to flesh out to a place we all agreed to move forward with. This activity allowed the team to consider things they had not yet had the chance to think through and it helped ease the decision making further into the process.
Visual Design
Prototype: Click the full screen icon located in the top right of prototype for the best experience. Press esc to exit.
Style / Component Library
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